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COVID-19 update


Now offering Teletherapy

Kidsplay began seeing children only via teletherapy on March 26, 2020. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to this new way of treatment. Beginning May 4, we will have the option to receive teletherapy or in-clinic services for new and existing clients.

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Telehealth
Kidsplay Therapy Center | Telehealth

COVID Safety Procedure

Kidsplay Therapy Center | COVID Procedure


We will meet the families in the waiting room or right outside our doors.

Kidsplay Therapy Center | COVID Procedure


We bring the child back for a temperature check and hand washing.


We will provide therapy in a safe, caring and encouraging environment.

Kidsplay Therapy Center | COVID Procedure


After therapy, we will meet the parent on the porch and discuss what happened during the session.


To ensure your child’s safety, we have limited space in the waiting room. We have additional seating outside or parents are welcome to wait in their car. Before your child begins his/her therapy session, your child will be asked to wash his/her hands with assistance as needed. Our facility and toys will be sanatized throughout the day. In addition, we will continue with social distancing when possible throughout the clinic.

Depending on your insurance, you will have the option
to start teletherapy services or in-person services.

At your scheduled appointment time, your therapist will send you a link either through your text or email. You will click on the link, sign the consent, then allow access to your microphone and camera. It is very simple. All you need is internet and a phone, laptop, or computer with a camera and microphone. Once the therapist is connected with you, she will work with you and your child to determine the best therapeutic intervention to help your child reach his/her goals.

We have had great response to teletherapy so far. While it might not be the best solution for all children, we have found that the majority of children are making improvements and responding well to teletherapy. One parent expressed, “I really did not think teletherapy would work. However, every Wednesday my son gets so excited because his therapist is going to call him!”

Social stories can ease anxiety that some children may feel to new or different situations. Here are some social stories that may help your child.

Here are two social stories about the corona virus that involves people wearing masks.



Here is a social story about corona virus in general:


Absolutely! Some insurances require parental involvement and some parents choose to come back for various reasons. We just ask that the parents wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from the therapist when possible.

What our patients are saying about teletherapy