About Kidsplay


Our mission

At Kidsplay Therapy Center, we strive to provide a family friendly environment, to provide excellent personalized service to the children, and to support the creativity and enthusiasm of our employees.

Our vision

To be a resource to our parents and provide a nurturing environment where it is safe to ask questions. We cater to the physical and emotional needs of the whole family.

To provide the best possible services for our parents and children. Our therapy center has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for our clients and their families.

To encourage and support the continued learning of our employees, as well as our families. Our therapists maintain a variety of skills and always strive to stay abreast of the latest information to provide to our families.

To use a team approach. We will partner with physicians, caregivers, and others involved in each child’s care, providing a bridge for our parents while we communicate the needs of their child.

To be a stepping stone for the child and his/her family to go out into the community.

To recycle our resources to not only grow the clinic, but also to help the community and beyond.

To support our employees’ professional and personal growth. We will seek out and represent their thoughts and opinions. We will provide an environment that enables our employees to balance their work and family lives.

From our founder

Gretchen Clark

It is a sincere honor and privilege to be able to write this thank you message to our families and supporters. Our passion from day 1 of serving others has not changed- only grown stronger. Since 2003, we have made great strides in better understanding the personalized needs of each child we treat and the needs of the family. Kidsplay therapists are dedicated to continual learning and staying abreast of the latest information and technology while the support staff exist to make the Kidsplay experience the best it can be.

Kidsplay is fortunate to have become a trusted referral source with some of the leading physician clinics in Atlanta.

We continue to seek partnerships with visionaries and leaders in the field while constantly expanding the Kidsplay staff to accommodate this growth.  I am proud of our partners, therapists, and support staff for their dedication and commitment to making Kidsplay Therapy Center a success.

“It is truly a pleasure to be on this journey with you and I look forward to a great future together.”

Thank you again to all of our staff, customers and partners for your enthusiasm and support. We have a solid foundation in place to make a difference in this community. It is truly a pleasure to be on this journey with you and I look forward to a great future together.

God Bless!


Gretchen Clark
Founder & CEO

Our staff

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Gretchen Clark

Gretchen Clark

Owner/MOT, OTR/L

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Kimberly Hanberry

Kimberly Hanberry

Front Office Manager

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Nicole Nisbet

Nicole Nisbet

 Prior Approval Coordinator

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Morgan Scott

Morgan Scott

Office Coordinator

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Lauren Breck

Lauren Breck

Occupational Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Yolanda Sostre

Yolanda Sostre

Occupational Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Jena Guida

Jena Guida

Occupational Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Katie Joyce

Katharine Joyce

Occupational Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Carolyn Miller

Carolyn Miller

Occupational Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Morgan Foley

Morgan Foley

Physical Therapist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Amber Colbert

Amber Colbert

Speech Language Pathologist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Lauren Cook

Lauren Cook

Speech Language Pathologist
Clinical Director, McDonough

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Kara Dobbs

Kara Dobbs

Speech Language Pathologist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Sherridon Dobbs

Sherridon Dobbs

Speech Language Pathologist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Kim Smith

Kim Register Smith

Speech Language Pathologist

Zach Ulm

Speech Language Pathologist

Kidsplay Therapy Center | Anna Lauren Young

Lauren Young

Speech Language Pathologist

Tammy Tharp

Office Coordinator

Katherine White

Occupational Therapist

Sarah Epps

Speech Language Pathologist

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What our families say

The dedication of the therapist towards my child was incredible.
I could see my child’s confidence increasing drastically after every session.
The money and time spent in PACE is the best money I have ever spent.
I love the way PACE is totally customized towards each individual child. It focuses on the child’s most significant deficits and builds quickly as the child masters the skills.
My child never got frustrated by the program and always wanted to go.
The reward system that Kidsplay therapy sets up makes it even more enjoyable for the child.
After my child completed PACE, he soured in all areas of his life. His confidence increased, and he became more athletic. His grades and testing significantly improved. He was able to think quicker, and it improved his time completion on tests and assignments.
His brain never regressed, he never forgot what he had learned. It trained his brain in a way that continues to expand.
Mother of a 9 year old who participated in PACE, led by one of our speech therapists
To learn more about PACE, click here.
We have been at Kidsplay for about 4 years. Everyone is amazing! The office staff is friendly and very helpful. The therapists truly love the children and it shows in how they interact them. My son has improved socially, emotionally as well as academically in the past 3 years.